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SweMade actually started from the passion for Swedish glass, especially Kosta Boda that my fiance got when she recently discovered the beautiful hand-painted glassworks by Ulrica Hydman-Vallien. She has almost an obsession for beautiful glass, mainly from Kosta Boda. Gradually I became more and more passionate about these handcrafted mouth-blown glassworks from the Kingdom of Glass (an area in Swedish province Småland that include several small cities with glass factories including Kosta, Boda and Orrefors to mention just a few), which brought up memories as a child growing up in Sweden, hearing about Kosta Boda Glass factory and once visited with grandparents in the 80ties, but also almost every day seeing this glass from Kosta Boda at the premium section at different household stores, in the homes of relatives and as premium gifts at weddings, graduations and anniversaries. 


Kosta Boda and the glassworks from the Swedish Kingdom of Glass “Glasriket” have followed me until this day. Therefor starting SweMade is my contribution to Swedish and Scandinavian glass that are Made in Sweden, from the era of the Swedish Glass Kingdom, that today is almost gone as most Swedish glass production has moved to China. SweMade only sell glass made in Sweden or other Scandinavian countries, no glass made in other countries then Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway will be found here, same for all pottery and ceramics that you might find on this website.

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The beauty of Scandinavian glass and pottery is an everyday enjoyment in the eyes of the viewer.

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