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Anna Ehrner

Anna Ehrner, is a Swedish designer and glass artist. She also worked as a teacher at the art school Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden. Anna Ehrner is an experimental and budget stylist who is characterized by her simple yet powerful design language and her ability to achieve great color beauty with very few colors. Colored vests in the glass have become an undeniable feature of Ehrner, like the looped glass of the Basket and Power series. Anna is behind various commercial successes such as Lineware Line and the Contrast Bowl series, as well as the recent Basket and Cup Cake. “For me, the cabin is creation. This is where glass was born, formed and inhabited. I want to take into account the life of the glass itself, to work with it and not against it. Follow the mass of the glass, the force that cannot bend, “but looks simple and thin at the same time.

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