Berndt Friberg Höganäs Swedish designer of ceramics and pottery

Berndt Friberg

Berndt Friberg (1899-1981), began to work at Gustavsberg pottery factory in 1934 and started as a pioneer for the artistic director Wilhelm Kåge. Berndt Friberg’s dedication became an inspiration to Gustavsberg, and since 1934 the quality of Kåge’s art has improved significantly. From 1937 Friberg changed into Stig Lindberg. At first, Friberg does not seem to have any artistic goals himself. His first visit came in 1941 when he exhibited together with Calle Blomqvist and Stig Lindberg as an independent craftsman in Gustavsberg’s shop on Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm. There have been many more gigs over the years. The first solo exhibition was shown at the NK in Stockholm in 1954 and was a public success. Friberg’s unique talent allows us to design materials as well as rotate and glue. The result were pieces in a variety of sizes, from miniatures, the smallest of which were no taller than two centimeters, to large floor vases. The classic shapes are inspired by the Chinese stone materials of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). He constantly applied the shapes and became a master of glue. The glasses were frosted early on, harpy glue and so later in the 1960s the shiny glasses became “ox-blood” and “aniara”. In 1957-58 Friberg started to work with different patterns in the glue, which were often just geometric.

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