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Simon Gate

Simon Gate was primarily a glass artist, but also a painter and sculptor with studies at the Technical School 1902 and the 1905-1909 Academy of Fine Arts. He earned a living as a book cover illustrator when he was voluntarily hired at Orrefors by director Albert Ahlin. Together with Knut Bergqvist, who later developed the method known as grail glass, and Edward Hald, the conditions were created for a unique development for Orrefor’s glassware. At the 1925 Paris Exhibition, Orrefors and his artists and craftsmen made international strides.

Gate engraved glass balances the sculptural feel and classic shapes with a rich style that reinforces life. The grail glasses also add color and abstract patterns. Its production runs wide and ranges from “More Beautiful Everyday Goods” in sulfate and brown glass tableware to elegant pieces as well. Paris Cup and Bacchus train. There does not seem to be any foreign method of production or processing for him.

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