Elegant thick heavy cut diamond pattern lead crystal glass bowl, signed with “Boda _ åfors BVa 232 180”. Made by Bertil Vallien at Åfors Glass Factory in Boda, Glass Kingdom, Sweden.


Bertil Vallien, Åfors Boda, elegant thick heavy cut diamond pattern lead crystal glass bowl, signed with “Boda _ åfors BVa 232 180”. 
This crystal bowl is a little rare, as Bertil Vallien is most famous for his art glass creations.
The major reason he was recruited to Åfors Glass factory in Boda in early 1960s was because the director of Åfors glass factory had been overtaken by the changing times. There was no longer a demand for the production of fine crystal, to keep up with competing glass factories at the time there were two alternatives, focus on mass-produced tableware or artistic glass. With the task to design cheap and functional table glass that easily could be mass-produced, Bertil paved the way of a new era for the small glass factory in Åfors. Bertil then totally redefined the direction of Åfors glass factory with both functional table glass and art glass, which one of the main trade marks of Bertil Vallien. This fine crystal bowl by Bertil Vallien is for that reason quite rare as he later on worked most with functional table glass and his signature art glass.
Åfors Glass Factory in village of Boda in Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket), Province of Småland, Sweden, Scandinavia, Nordics, Northern Europe
Bertil Vallien
“Boda åfors _ BVa 232: 180”, see images.
Height      ≈ 147 mm
Top diameter       ≈ Ø162 mm
Middle diameter  ≈ Ø171 mm
Neck diameter    ≈ Ø80 mm
Bottom diameter ≈ Ø110 mm
≈ 2000 grams
Artwork Feature:
Clear thick heavy cut diamond pattern lead crystal glass bowl, standing on a foot.
Body in excellent condition, only some scratches under foot, see images.
About the designer:
Bertil Vallien is a Swedish designer of glass and ceramics. He studied at Konstfack in Stockholm and made study trips to Denmark and the USA. In the 1960s, Vallien worked at the Boda glass factory as an assistant to Erik Höglund, later to be associated with the Åfors glass factory. Vallien works mainly in glass and has developed a unique style with images in sunglasses, often with images of boats and heads. His sculptures have a kind of inner appeal that resembles memory. Vallien is represented worldwide and is an award-winning “Visionaries! Price 2001″. Bertil was married to artist Ulrica Hydman-Vallien.
About the Art Studio / Factory:
Åfors glassworks factory was built in 1876 next to the rapids in Lyckebyån. The site was chosen with care because hydropower, like the forest, was an important resource. The railway had only two years earlier been inaugurated in Emmaboda and facilitated the transport of raw materials and finished products.
For almost 40 years, the world-famous glass designer couple Bertil Vallien and Ulrica Hydman-Vallien have been Åfors’ face to the outside world. Time and time again, they have fought for the future of the glass factory. Gunnel Sahlin and Olle Brozén are other successful designers who have been of great importance to Åfors’ production.
In 2012, Åfors glassworks factory was closed down and in 2013 the glass shop also closed.
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