Arthur Percy Gefle Porslinsfabrik Karlskrona Porslinsfabrik Gullaskrufs Glasbruk Swedish designer of ceramics and pottery

Arthur Percy

Arthur Percy (1886-1976), was a Swedish visual artist and potter born in Vickleby, Öland. He studied at the school of the Swedish Artists Association and with Isaac Grünewald for Richard Bergh and Eugène Jansson. In 1908 he traveled to Paris with a few other artists, the following year they made their debut under the name The Young. Percy mainly painted paintings, often children, landscapes and still lifes. In 1923 he became the artistic director of the Gefle porcelain factory. He contributed to the artistic diffusion of high quality devices in Swedish households. He also worked as a glass designer in the Gullaskruf glass factory.

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